When using wireless on my phone upstairs, I was finding my phone would struggle to get a good internet connection. As my router is downstairs, the signal doesn’t quite reach when I’m using my phone upstairs. I did some research and found that there were various devices that could extend your wireless signal to reach even further. These devices are called wireless repeaters or wireless extenders (depends on device). Effectively they just repeat/extend your wireless signal giving you better wireless coverage overall.

The device I decided to go for was the ASUS RP-AC52. The reason I went for this device was because it has different modes depending on your situation. These are the following modes:

Repeater Mode  – In Repeater mode, RP-AC52 wirelessly connects to an existing wireless network to extend the wireless coverage.

Express Way (Router to repeater 5GHz only, repeater to client 2.4GHz) – In Express Way-5GHz mode, RP-AC52 wireless connect to an existing 5GHz WiFi channel and extend the wireless coverage using the 2.4GHz WiFi channel. Your router needs to be able to support the 5GHz Wifi channel.

Express Way (Router to repeater 2.4GHz only, repeater to client 5GHz) – In Express Way-2.4GHz mode, RP-AC52 wireless connect to an existing 2.4GHz WiFi channel and extends the wireless coverage using the 5GHz WiFi channel.

Media Bridge mode – In Media Bridge mode, RP-AC52 connects to an existing 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi channel and provides Wi-Fi connection to your Ethernet-enabled devices such as a PC or game console.

Access Point(AP) mode – In Access Point (AP) mode, the RP-AC52 connects to the router via an Ethernet cable and then extends the wireless signal, so wireless devices have better Wifi coverage.

Personally, I use the Repeater mode as it allows me to extend the wireless signal from my router. Here is how to configure the Repeater Mode:








Open a web browser and go to http://repeater.asus.com with the Repeater connected via an Ethernet cable to your computer. Enter Quick Internet Setup Wizard and Select Repeater Mode. If you are extending the wireless signal to an existing wireless network, select “I wish to extend my existing wireless network.”










The Repeater will then search for any existing Wireless networks.










Enter your wireless Security Key if your network uses one. Then click connect.










Here you can use the defaults for the Repeater SSID’s or you can untick the box and assign your own SSID’s. Once you have finished click next.










The Repeater will now apply the settings.










When you get to this screen, your settings have successfully been applied and you have setup your Wireless Repeater.