The HTC Wildfire is a smartphone that was developed by HTC and was released in June 2010. It is powered by a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor and it runs on Google’s operating system (Android) version 2.2.

This phone comes with a 5-megapixel camera and the screen is 3.2 inches wide (diagonally from corner to corner). The HTC wildfire has Wifi and GPS capabilities which means the phone can be tracked if it is lost or stolen. It only weighs 118 g which is equivalent to (4.16 oz).

Overall this phone is very good but I would say the HTC is more suitable for people who text, call and take pictures. I say this because it’s not a very powerful phone and when using the internet the phone is slow at loading pages. However, this phone is very good for playing music and videos on so it is god for a first phone.