The Playstation 3 is a unique console, it has WLAN capbilities and has a brilliant 3.2GHz processor. When it is connected to a HDMI port on a T.V. the picture quallity is excellent and has awesome graphics. It also has support for up to 7 Bluetooth devices, this could be your headset, your controllers, your phone or many other things you may have connected via bluetooth. The Playstation 3 also has a Ethernet port for gaming and it has 2 X 256 MB of memory.

The memory is used for 2 different things, one is for the main memory, which may help to opperate the opperating system, and the other is for video memory. The things I love about this console are; (A) it is very easy to opperate, (B) very quick when it is loading up, (C) Good picture quallity and sound quallity, (D) you get free online for it , unlike xbox live! There are many other things I like about this console but I won’t go into all of that. Overall the ps3 is a very good console and you should buy one, I know this because I own a Playstation 3 Slimline.

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